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Meet Artist Steve Harper.


Steve Harper


Steve is an established artist whose work has been highlighted by Television, Radio and Magazine and News paper interviews.

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He has Collectors of his work world wide from the United States and Canada to Hong Kong, Not forgetting to mention a loyal following of collectors at home in the UK.

Steve says:

" Its great to meet collectors of my work whenever we hold exhibitions, when I do after dinner Speaking , or if I'm asked to make presentations or doing a signing event. All the Collectors of my work are very special people . It's great to be able to share my art work with people from all walks of life and from different countries and backgrounds. My work is very individual, and so its far more personal to each of my collectors as each painting tells a story. I have so many wonderful letters from our collectors who see their own story in each of my paintings. Maybe it's simply a chance to sit and loose ones self for a quiet moment in of a one of my paintings. So many of the wonderful letters I have received from our collectors and meeting so many special people inspiring me even more to put brush to canvas."

Charity presentation

"Each time the brush glides to tell its story the artist gives a little bit of his sole to give life to the painting for all to enjoy."

Steve Harper Artist Steve Harper

Above: Steve pays attention to the detail of a Formula 1 Racing Car car, but also captures the atmosphere of excitement and glamour of the Monaco Circuit.

Steve became known as an artist when he turned his attention to the glamorous world of Motorsport. His ability to capture the atmosphere of the world's most spectacular cars, drivers and motor racing scenes, made his paintings increasingly more collectable.

His repertoire now include Aviation, portrait, landscape, sea scape and much more.

He was Born in England in the mid 1960's. Steve worked in engineering and commercial diving before becoming a full time dedicated artist. His passion for motorsport and Aviation developed from an early age.


Below: Steve before he became a full time artist, was a Deep Sea Diver and Diving Instructor.

Steve Harper is a Deep Diving speciality  instructor Steve Harper Using Hard Hat  "Standard Dress"  vintage diving equipment Steve Harper Diving instructor with Camera

Steve spends as much time as possible with the actual cars and Aircraft he captures on canvas. Here with The Avro Tutor and the finished result on canvas

Steve with Jackie Stewarts's Tyrrell

The hours of research all come together with motor sport history coming to life for collectors of his work to enjoy. Here we see Jackie Stewart's fabulous Tyrrell in all its glory on the canvas and Steve with the actual car.

News Paper Article about the Unvailing of  the Jackie Stewart Painting by Steve Harper

Media interest in his works of art have made Steve's Art work and prints highly collectable.


Preserving our Aviation Heritage

Steve Harper in the beautifully restored  cockpit of the Mk 5 Shuttleworth Spitfire

Above: Steve Harper - The Honorary Patron of Shuttleworth , seated in the beautifully restored Mk 5 Spitfire

For a many of years Steve has dedicated much of his time to Charity and to the preservation of our Aviation and Motoring Heritage.

Having come from a long line of engineers with links to Motoring and Aviation, Steve feels it is important to preserve our heritage for future generations.

Steve has for a number of years donated Prints and works of art to a number of Museums and Societies up and down the length of England.

He was been inspired by the dedication of members of "The Aerospace Museum Society Cosford" with whome over the years, he has made many friends. He assisted them by promoting the Cosford Dance by donating a special piece of art work to be presented at their events . This helped boost the profile of the Cosford dance and the media coverage helped to generate funds for their charitable work.

This lead to his involvement with the world famous " Shuttleworth Collection" and Members of "The Shuttleworth Veteran Aeroplane Society " this involvement has inspired a number of his paintings.

Steve was greatly honoured to be awarded an "Honorary life Membership of the SVAS" for his services to Aviation in 2011.


Steve Harper receiving his  Honorary Life Membership of the Shuttleworth Veteran Aeroplane Society

Above Steve being Awarded his "Honorary life Membership of the SVAS" by Ken Cox MBE

On 6th July 2015 Steve received a further great honour being appointed "The Honorary Patron of Shuttleworth" by the Trustees and Princess Charlotte of Croy at a banquet, in honour of his appointment, at the Old warden park house, ancestral home to the Shuttleworth family and centerpiece of the Shuttleworth Trust.

The Appointment of Steve Harper  as  The Honorary Patron of Shuttleworth Seve Harper at his appointment as "The  Honorary Patron of Shuttleworth"

Steve Says:

"I'm enormously proud of my roll as The Honorary Patron of Shuttleworth and my association with the SVAS.

To be inspired by the dedication of these amazing people, many of whome have become dear friends, is both humbling and reminds of the responsibility I have as an artist, public speaker and Ambassador of Shuttleworth, to capture the story of our Aviation past on canvas to tell the story for future generations .

I hope that all I do for the furthering of education and dedication to charity can inspire the engineers, designers and aviators of the the future.

I hope that my work reflects the dedication of all involved with keeping our rich heritage of alive."

Steve continues to dedicate himself to the cause of preservation of our motoring, Maritime and Aviation heritage for future generations to learn from and enjoy.


Now Steve is able to share his love of motor racing, Aviation Art and many other wonderful subjects he has covered over the many years of being an artist. Beautiful Land scapes and Portraits , Maritime and many other themes. With an increasing number of collectors of his works of art. His range of commissions and the new "Harper Design Collection" is bringing his work to many more people.

Visitors enjoying the New  Exhibition by Artist Steve Harper

Above: Left :Art work and Collectibles from the "Harper Design Collection". Centre: Artist Steve at an exhibition of his work. Right: Members of the public enjoying looking at the originals from the collection on exhibition at the RAF Museum Cosford.

Steve says "" My roll as an artist is not merely to put paint on canvas, but to tell a story that draws the viewer into the scene depicted. A photograph captures a fact, but In the art work I create I try to capture an emotion, a moment in time captured and preserved in a very personal way for the enjoyment of the viewer and collector of my work.."

As you can see Steve manages to portray the essence of many beautiful subjects that capture not only the moment but the emotion in his works of art.

"My very best wishes to our new and regular Collectors. I hope you enjoy our web site and may I wish you Happy Collecting.

Steve Harper"

Steve Harper the Artist pictured standing beside Graham Hill's 1967 Lotus Cosworth 49

After Dinner Speaker

& Motivational Corporate speaker.

 Steve Harper  After Dinner Speaker

Steve is a regular speaker for After Dinner Events and Corporate Motivational and business seminars.

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Steve has been invited to speak at Shuttleworth.

Sun 24 Sep 2017

on "The life of Richard Shuttleworth".

Shuttleworth is home to the world famous Shuttleworth Collection of Aircraft and Cars, as well as being an Educational trust, encouraging young people in Agriculture and Aviation Engineering.

Richard Shuttleworth was a young racing driver, Pilot and classic car enthusiast. His adventures during the glamorous era 1930's motor racing and early 1940's were sadly brought to a premature end due to a flying accident at the start of WW2.

Vividly bringing the story of Adventure and high society to life, in the setting of the stunning period house at Old warden park, home to the Shuttleworth family, will be Steve Harper the guest speaker and " Honorary Patron of Shuttleworth".

All proceeds from the event go to the Shuttleworth Charity. Helping us preserve our motoring and aviation heritage for future generations. Helping and inspiring young people in the skills of engineering and agriculture.

The Shuttleworth Trust is a Registered Charity No 307534


Tickets will sell out fast! This is an advance ticket Only event.

Tickets booked directly through Shuttleworth.

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Talk: The Life of Richard Shuttleworth Sun 24 Sep 2017

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Talk: The Life of Richard Shuttleworth (advance booking required)

- optional Afternoon Tea also booked through Shuttleworth.



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Steve is a regular speaker for After Dinner Events and as at Corporate Motivational and business seminars.

Book Steve Now as your Event speaker.

0121 384 3724

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SIGNING & Charity EVENTS in 2017

Steve will be At a number of Events for signings and to chat with visitors and collectors of his works of art.

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Meet Steve at the Signing Event Steve with the Print of the Wildcat

We look forward to meeting visitors to the 2017 exhibitions, and events.

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